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Single Action Spring Hinges, Double Action Spring Hinges and Adjustable Stainless Steel Spring Hinges. Spring Hinges in stock and made to order.

We have spring hinges in stock or they can be made to order to suit your requirements.

Spring loaded hinges are available in any material, gauge, width and length.  Hinges may have single or multiple springs in a sprung open or sprung closed position. Call with your application with the size and weight to be held open or closed.

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spring hinge chart

THE ABOVE SPRING HINGES ARE USUALLY STOCKED ITEMS. We can custom make spring hinges to your requirements or from your blueprints. E-mail us today.


stainless steel spring hinge diagram

Primarily used on pool gates and around corrosive environments where a spring is required. Adjustability allows for different tension, for different size gates or doors. It is recommended that a minimun of two spring hinges be used for each application.

  • All stainless construction

  • Surface mount

  • Adjustable tension

  • Loose pin

  • Available in 3 sizes 3" x 3", 3" x 4", 4" x 4"


Full Mortise



  • UL LIsted for fire door applications

  • Non-handed

  • Steel material

  • Easily adjusted spring tension

  • Screw hole pattern conforms to ANSI specifications

  • Pivot point aligns with hinges of the same size

  • Minimizes cost of installing a door closing device on industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications

  • Used to convert doors to self-closing in existing buildings

  • For use in hotels, motels, apartments, dormitories, residences, etc. where doors are required to be self closing (always verify local fire code requirements)

single acting spring hinges


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